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Aloha From Hawaii

Makai Kine T -

Makai Kine T -

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Our “Makai Kine T” was inspired by Hawaii's ocean dwellers - but no matter where you are in the world, if you love the ocean, this shirt was made for you! 


Here in Hawaii - Makai means “ocean side” and, Kine is a slang word for “kind or type”, among other things. So put together, Makai Kine is slang for “ocean kind”.

It can mean the sun is out, or the waves are up, or the fish are biting, and it's an "ocean kind" of day! Or it could simply mean you are an "ocean kind" of person!  Either way it's Makai Kine!

This shirt was designed by Sam Potter and Jake Gonsalves - two Kauai boys who love all Makai Kine stuff! 



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Aloha From Hawaii is more than just a brand

It's a mission to tell and share stories of Hawaii - with our products, our films, our podcasts, and even our logo. For our owner, Sam Potter, having the Koa'e kea as the symbol for the brand was an easy decision. 

"For me, the Koa'e represents the humble beauty that can be found here in the day-to-day life of Hawaii. In the early mornings of Waimea Canyon, you can watch the Koa'e jump from their nests nestled amongst their Mauka (mountainside) home, ride the island's thermal currents up into the sky, and then head Makai (oceanside). Where they spend their days fishing. It's in these small details, small stories, small actions - that you learn why Hawaii is so damn special."